About us

PIOL The Manuli Family Group of Companies dates back to 1935, when Dardanio Manuli established a business in Milan, Italy producing rubber tires, inner tubes, hoses, electrical tapes, and power cables. The early years of that business laid the foundations for what is today a group of leading global industrial businesses, including Manuli Stretch and Manuli Rubber Industries. Today, Manuli Stretch is owned by Dardanio Manuli’s son, Dr. Sandro Manuli.

In the decades following its inception, the Manuli family business expanded to encompass a number of successful companies throughout Italy with diverse product offerings:


ManuliAutodesivi, the second largest global packaging tapes manufacturer, located in the Lazio Region (later sold to Tyco Group).


Bre-ma, tire manufacturer in Bari, Italy (later sold to the Firestone Group).


An industrial films company, the predecessor to Manuli Stretch, established in Milan. Manuli Cavi, a manufacturer of cables and hoses in Ascoli, was also established that year.


Manuli Uniroyal Joint Venture, manufacturer of rubber hoses and hydraulic components, was established (today part of Manuli Rubber).


Manuli Ceat Joint Venture (eventually part of Manuli Cavi), producingcables, was established (later sold to Alcatel along with Manuli Cavi).


Manuli Film, manufacturer of BOPP flexible packaging, was established (later sold to private equity group Equinox).


Manuli Cavi completed the acquisition of Fulgor Cavi (later divested toAlcatel Group)


The Manuli Family acquired Terme di Saturnia, a luxury hotel, spa, and golf resort, in Tuscany.

Manuli Stretch Group The Company known today as Manuli Stretch began in 1969 as a manufacturer of polyethylene (PE) films. A pioneer in the industry, the Company became the first manufacturer of pallet wrap stretch film in Europe.

In the mid-90s, Manuli Stretch established a new business unit, Manuli Distribution, to further develop the Manuli brand and support its stretch film business. From 1993-2007, Manuli Distribution embarked upon a global expansion strategy, including the establishment of distribution centers in eight European countries. With the continued growth of its stretch film business and the need for additional manufacturing facilities, Manuli Stretch implemented two green-field projects: Manuli Stretch Deutschland (Schkopau/Leipzig), for the production of pallet wrap and agricultural films in 1997, and Manuli Packaging Argentina S.A. (Escobar/Buenos Aires), a manufacturing operation for pallet wrap films in 1998. Similar to its European expansion program, in 2002 Manuli Stretch established a joint venture with a Brazilian partner for the sale and distribution of Manuli Argentina products in Brazil. In 2010, the Group acquired a majority stake in the company, Manuli Fitasa, further consolidating its position in the Brazilian market with five distribution units throughout the country. In 2011 Manuli Stretch became a leading manufacturer of Stretch Film in Brazil as well and in the same year it established the Manuli Chile distribution branch to further support the distribution of Manuli Argentina products. In the year 2012 Manuli Stretch further widened its product range by adding Blown Extrusion capacities in Germany for the manufacture of Multilayer Stretch Hood, while in 2014 it added Coating and Slitting Equipment for the manufacture of Packaging Tapes in Argentina.

Today, the Company maintains 16 manufacturing and distribution operations in 12 countries, serving over 15,000 customers in 65 countries.